HERITAGE: Trinidad & Tobago
CATEGORY:   Media/Community Activism

Jonathan Agarrat is the co-founder of WhereDPump (WDP), an events app focused on providing technology services to the nightlife industry in Trinidad and Tobago. To date, WDP has acquired 4000+ users. During the carnival season, Jonathan decided to use WDP to provide tracking for various Carnival bands. The bands he partnered with were Yuma, Passion and Fantasy. Additionally, with recent surges in crime, Jonathan has made it his mission to help keep fellow citizens safe by adding two new features to WDP: safety checking and panic alerts. These features have allowed users to update their friends and family of where they were or send an alert in the event of some emergency.

Before leaving Trinidad, Jonathan attended Fatima College where he served as the webmaster for the school’s website. While at Fatima he also built a website to help his fellow students learn programming for CSEC. He later went on to create a website, soca4u, for Caribbean people living abroad returning for the Carnival season. This was his first website to gain 10000+ visits with almost 80% from the US.

Agarrat currently resides in New York where he has seized several opportunities related to his passion for technology and education.  Jonathan serves as the STEM Coordinator for a non-profit organization, Morrison Mentors. He visits public libraries around New York teaching middle and high school kids mobile/web development. Jonathan was also the lead instructor in a STEP (Science and Technology Entry Program) program for high school students at Hofstra University.

Jonathan is currently pursuing a BSc in Computer Science at the New York Institute of Technology. He interned on Goldman Sach’s Core Platform engineering team as a data analyst in the summer of 2016 and currently has a full-time offer from Goldman Sachs Technology division.

In his spare time, you can find him enjoying the outdoors, at the gym, partying or travelling to new places. Additionally, he holds a certificate in professional bartending but only mixes drinks for friends and family.

Ever passionate about developing the tech community in Trinidad, Jonathan is currently in the process of founding a new company, Trinidad App Brewery (T.A.B). T.A.B’s mission is to teach children around the country how to turn their ideas into products by partaking in hands-on workshops in application development. His goal is to increase the talent pool in Trinidad when it comes to technology.

“People have ideas, especially kids but they have no avenue to bring them to life”

“I want to provide that avenue so by the end of my workshops a child can take her idea and build something.”

“I strongly believe that the bigger the talent pool in Tech the more innovation we’ll start seeing in the Caribbean. The world around us is now computerized and technology is changing many fields. In order to interact with and change the world around us, programming becomes a necessary skill. Within the past 4 years, many countries have taken the initiative to teach programming to children, yet our system still doesn’t have much in place for such a necessity. This is what T.A.B aims to address.”

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