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AGE:  26
CATEGORY:  Activist

Chelsea Ritchie spent her formative years living all over the US and in England due to her father's work schedule and chose American University for her undergraduate degree.

Since graduation, Chelsea has carved out a career in Government Relations and is well on her way to being a 'policy wonk' here on Capitol Hill. Chelsea Ritchie keeps her thumb on the pulse of Washington politics. Raised by Guyanese parents in the outer echelons of Los Angeles, she has spent the past nine years in Washington, D.C., working with prominent public figures, associations, nonprofits, manufacturers, Am Law top 20 Law Firms, and Fortune 100 Firms.

As a lobbyist and consultant, Chelsea has elevated her client’s success by specializing in public affairs to incorporate traditional government relations along with public relations, grassroots, and digital components.

In her spare time, Chelsea is actively involved in local service organizations, such as Together We Bake, an empowerment-based job training program for women in need of a second chance.

Her gymnastic talents and community volunteering have been featured on various programs, such as Good Morning America, ESPN, and CBS Sports.