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Tuesday, May 29 2012
With just about three days to go.. I am beset with concern that so many people who are Caribbean are still unaware that JUNE is Caribbean American Heritage Month.  This commemoration will become more critical than ever this election year.. and given the seeming conundrums that are afflicting our most popular sport... Caribbean Style Carniival.  Since early this year the news has been bad or worse .. first New York then Washingon DC... As they say in the rock,, Whaa'gwaan?  we canna seem to cross it.. it being the cursed river of confusion. 

My friends say not to worry.. 'better must come'.. for we will learn from these mistakes.. BUT
 I ask will we...
I mean in 1920 .. yes 1920... you did not read it wrong... Marcus Garvey was able to galvanize hundreds of thousands in the community to pay for what was then the largest Black Parade in America.  And here we are almost 100 years later.. still trying to make ends meet.

Well who to tell... maybe we have learnt something from these last few years... and many more HUNDREDS will show up for the :Legislative week events JUNE 20-21 in Washington DC.. I would hope.   We must speak up if we are to get any attention..So calling all arms .. Attention...

Join us in Washigton DC for the 14th annual Legislative Forum and Advocacy Day.. 

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